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WinkeyDoodles was originally developed to provide a high quality paintball experience at a reasonable price. With that in mind, it was easy to accomplish our original mission.  Almost immediately we created a family fun destination in the El Paso area.  Families and friends gravitated to WinkeyDoodles due to our focus on safety, customer service and sense of fair play and sportsmanship.  

We began to attract hundreds of walk on and private group players all looking for a great day, outside with their family and friends, playing paintball.

WinkeyDoodles is one of the few fields in the southwest that specializes in private groups, walk on players, as well as tournament players such as The Biting Rabbits, and Adversity, scenario teams such as T.E.P.O.G., ARES, Biting Rabbits Scenario Team, Las Cruces HornyToads and others. Many fields are good at one, maybe two styles of participation. But not us, we had to be great at all of it.

We realized that our customer service and playing features would only increase attendance:

    • Lower paint pricing than any of our competitors

      • All the co2 & air you can use in a day . . . Free

      • More playing fields than any competitors

      • Separation of skill levels for games

      • More games played in a day

      • Discounts for off peak attendance

      • Rate of fire caps

These are just a few of the dozens of innovative concepts and improvements that WinkeyDoodles has initiated, all in an effort to deliver the day of paintball that you demand.

As a customer of The WinkeyDoodles you can rest assured that we will never stop doing all we can to elevate ourselves for your experience.

So this Saturday or Sunday give the couch a break, grab some friends or your family (or both) and head out to The WinkeyDoodles! There is no other paintball field quite like it!

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